Why is it important?
● Podcasts, speaking events, and guest posting can help tell your story (and present your offer) to an audience who trusts the host. These are generally people to which you would not otherwise have access.
● Great stories and teachings told in longer format mediums tend to have more impact than short form content.
● You may not have an audience yet, but this can help generate exposure without having to produce your own content.
So what motivates people to share their audience?
● They want their audience to get access to the best content experience possible,
● They need to keep their audience engaged and coming back for more. That requires new materials.
● New content is hard to come by. Hosts need guests to keep their material fresh – new ideas, concepts, strategies, etc.
● They hope that when you share the content with your audience, it brings exposure and followers to their platform.

What does your content need to bring to the table?
● You’d better bring the fire. There is nothing worse than a boring or unprepared interviewee.
● Your message needs to be valuable and delivered concisely.
● It can’t be all about you. Deliver stories that have a takeaway for the audience.
● Give the audience at least one simple thing to take away. How can you help them solve a micro problem? This can be a strategy, technique, tool, or resource.
● Try to solve two or three micro issues per appearance. That way, you’ll address challenges for the greatest number of people, maximizing the impact.

How do you find these shows?
● Apple Podcasts – use keyword search
● Roundups or top lists
How do you vet them?
● Make sure they have published an episode in the past two to three months.
● See if they have guests on their episodes.
● Read a couple of episode titles/show notes to see if your content matches the subjects on the podcast.

How do you contact them?
● Podcasters’ online presence is inconsistent. Some have a dedicated social media page, some have a website, and some have nothing but the published show.
● My preferred method is the host’s personal LinkedIn or Instagram account (so you can send video), but email also works.
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What do you say when you reach out?
● REMEMBER, you are coming onto THEIR platform to try to take attention from THEIR audience; you are the guest. So, let’s give them a compelling reason to say yes.
● First, say hi. Be friendly; it usually helps.
● Second, tell them why you are reaching out. Be direct. Tell them that you want to come on their podcast.
● As a host, I can tell you that 20+ people reach out per month. We know what you are looking for, and we are open to it. That’s why we have a show.
● Third, show them that you have done some research, and this is not just a generic request. Tell them that you looked at episodes “a & b” and that you think your topic will be a good fit for their audience.
● Optionally you can incorporate your topic title into this part. It is also a good idea to say that you will make it educational and that there will be good takeaways for the listener.
● Finally, ask them if they would be open to a further conversation. Too many people push for a hard close “looking forward to being on the show,” etc. People hate being told what to do. Offer them the autonomy to decide.

● It also helps to mention if you have been a guest on other shows in the past. Interviewers prefer guests with experience.
● Tell them that you will be a great guest. Be bold and come to the table with energy. There is nothing worse than a dull guest.
Pro tip: the video should last between 30-60 seconds.
Make sure to follow up!
● Just like sales, the success is in the follow-up. Make sure to check back every few weeks with a soft reminder. It is likely that the host has not seen your previous messages or that they skimmed over it, but it was not at the top of their priority list to respond. Remember, most podcasters run businesses as well.
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Point them to a resource or platform
● If you grab the attention of a potential client, you MUST give them the next step to working with you. For me, a lead magnet works the best. But if you want to keep it simple you can instruct them to contact you about your service or point them to your strongest social media channel.
Mike Moll